Our Ultherapy Service

Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic is proud to offer Ultherapy, a unique cosmetic treatment that will aid you in not only looking younger, but in helping you to continue to look youthful as time goes on. Without cutting into the skin or using needles, Ultherapy safely and effectively uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin, working with the tissue beneath the surface to encourage growth of Collagen. Your skin will be more firm and flexible as a result, as well as looking younger.

What will this procedure help?

  • Skin around the Brow
  • Skin around the Chin
  • Skin around the Lips
  • Reducing and Erasing Lines
  • Stimulates Collagen Production
  • Tissue Examination

Why should I use Ultherapy?

Unlike any other cosmetic ultrasound procedure, Ultherapy is actually FDA-approved! If you’re not interested in invasive, surgical treatments or the use of lasers, it is both safe and easy to accomplish. Hundreds of thousands of these procedures are performed worldwide, and it is trusted and proven in clinical trials. It is not painful, with the worst discomfort generally being light jolts or uncomfortable heat, both of which will only remain for as long as the procedure continues. Both during and after the treatment, there are methods to deal with the discomfort which can be discussed with the resident technician.

How does the Ultherapy treatment work?

Ultherapy is actually very easy to prepare for. All that is required prior to the first treatment is to make sure there area in question does not have any open injuries, noticeable cystic acne, or implants beneath the surface. Nothing else needs to be done prior to the procedure. During the treatment, focus ultrasound energy will be used to work with the tissue beneath the skin, encouraging positive collagen growth and applying energy to where it will help the most.

After the treatment, the area that was worked with will tend to be extra sensitive and possibly even slightly swollen, though this should be gone in the space of a couple of hours. Sunscreen is encouraged on the treated skin, to protect from any complications afterwards. With that done, you will be able to continue with your normal life without issue, no waiting or recovery time needed.

With the very first treatment it is possible to see differences, though commonly results will begin to appear after two or three months. With your body working at its best capacity in combination with the Ultherapy, treatment will respond quicker or slower. The end result, which normally will remain in between twelve and eighteen months, will be possible between one and three procedures, depending on your body’s response. After all is done, you can enjoy your more youthful and healthy appearance, with future treatments to aid in touching up and preserving it.